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czwartek, 29 stycznia 2009

Doreen Tovey - Cats in May

Doreen Tovey - Cats in May


‘All our animals showed their independence at a dishearteningly early age.’ The Toveys attempt to settle down to a quiet life in the country. Unfortunately for them, however, their tyrannical Siamese cats have other ideas. From causing an uproar on the BBC to staying out all night and claiming to have been kidnapped, Sheba and Solomon’s outrageous behaviour leaves the Toveys at their wits end. Meanwhile Doreen has to contend with her husband’s disastrous skills as a handyman, and a squirrel that chews the buttons off all his suits. Both human and animal characters come to life on the page, including Sidney the problem-prone gardener and Blondin the brandy-swilling squirrel. This witty and stylish tale will have animal-lovers giggling to the very last page

Publisher ; Matrix Digital Publishing

Length recording ; 3 Hrs 21 Mins

Free fragment or download the whole directly to your computer - mp3 files

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